Licensed Financial Services Provider FSP 8156

Independent Advisors providing transparent non-biased advice for the past 31 years.

KBB Financial Services
is a licensed Financial Services Provider with the Financial Services Board FSP 8156
Since April 1989 we have been providing advice for:






Our Selling Philisophy

  • Always Place clients needs first

  • Simple Advice ensuring clients understand the product

  • Sell best and cheapest product for need not commission driven products

As Independent brokers with no vested interest in any of our product providers we offer transparent unbiased advice.
Our philosophy is to keep our advice and product range simple so that all our clients understand the products they have.

Our Risk Benefit Philosophy

We will assist you in making smart decisions and purchasing benefits you need.

 Insurance is a grudge purchase and with a Death benefit somebody else will receive the benefits you are paying for.

We encourage you to personally take certain risks to save you money.

We despise Companies who offer complicated products that confuse not only clients but advisors as that focuses on enhancing profits and commissions at the expense of clients.

Our Investment Philosophy

We sell simple easy to understand products that provide guaranteed returns whether it be a monthly recurring contribution or a capital investment for income or Growth or a compulsory purchase of a pension income.

We don’t sell products that create expectations and make the advisor, administration company and product provider rich and clients confused.

We sell our products for the following Product Providers: